February: My socks are wet and you keep trying to throw me in a ditch



I try not to wish time away. Generally, it’s bad practice, but dang…I’m tired of having wet socks and a numb nose.  I long for a carefree trot around the neighborhood that doesn’t involve fearing a potential face plant. My running pal uses the technique of “tiny steps.” It’s a quick shuffle with your hands at your sides while you navigate the snow and ice-covered streets.  I prefer a general zig zag method that involves hopping to areas that appear “crunchy” as opposed to “icy.” This year we experienced two rounds with the “Polar Vortex.” Here are some tips to help you on your February runs.

1. Smart Wool socks: Those dang air vents on the top of your shoes are too breezy. Smart Wool is super water wicking and it’s wool…so you know…it at least gives you the general idea that you’re warmer.

2. I have officially decided if the Weather Channel app says is “feels like” 0 or less with the wind chill, I’m putting on my pajama pants and I’ll do squats and crunches in my house while I watch Game of Thrones.

3. Run with friends. These friends will have to tell you that your nose is running, because you won’t feel it. Running pals can also remind you about how much of a badass you are.

4. You will feel like you have to go to the bathroom as soon as you get your layers on…its not true. It’s just like when you were a kid and you got your snow suit on.  You really don’t have to go. Ignore it.

5. Your face will have a rosy glow.  Just pretend it’s from a tropical vacation, not wind burn. People will secretly hate you (in the good kind of way).

So…brace up! You won’t regret running, but you’ll regret sitting on the couch (unless of course you’ve instituted rule #2). In that case remember, “Winter is coming!”