Hot cha cha hot sauce

I have accepted the fact that this year was a tomato failure. The squirrels had a daily buffet of my garden, but they certainly left my hot peppers alone.  I’ve done several hot pepper jams this year. Today I decided to try my hand at a hot sauce.

Burn your face off

Here’s how you do it.

Cut the stems off your peppers and puree in a food processor or blender.  You can make this entire sauce in the food processor. Warning: Do not touch with your hands – and for pete sakes, don’t touch your eyes! You’ll be sorry! I didn’t have any gloves so I put my hands in sandwich bags.

My pepper puree made about 3-3 1/2 cups

2 cups white vinegar

2 Tablespoons of kosher salt

2 Cloves of garlic

Dump into a sauce pan, and bring to a boil.  Process cans as usual. That’s it!

My hot sauce is green – looks kind of cool.

Did you know, Tabasco sauce is fermented for 3 years before sale?  I don’t have that kind of patience.


What to eat, what to eat….

I had the eternal dilemma after today’s 17 miler – what should I eat?  The problem with the long run is nothing really sounds good.

It ain't pretty - but cupcakes can frequently cure what ails ya. This is a famous Georgetown Cupcake (and gal pal, Jamie)

Today, I grabbed a class of chocolate milk and slammed it – not because I wanted it, but because I thought I should.  My husband offered to get me “whatever I wanted.” My response was “Taco Bell.”  What?! Why was that the only thing I could think about stomaching?  Ridiculous! I don’t think I’ve had Taco Bell in over 4 yrs. I will say – those tacos perked me right up. Is there a right and wrong way to eat after a massive run? Probably.  I think the only true way to mess things up for yourself is not to eat or drink anything.  Take this opportunity to treat yourself – everything in moderation though. If I want Taco Bell after a 17 miler, I wonder what I’ll crave after next weeks 18? It definitely won’t be White Castle – those things are nasty (just saying).

I should note, my running pal Meghan and I split a glazed donut at mile 10ish.  There’s a reason I keep quarters in my running pouch.

When no means no: What to do when your body hates you.

Tonight was one of those nights – who am I kidding?  This week was one of those weeks! I’ve been fighting a cold (and generally winning) over the past week. The rule is – if your illness is from the neck up, it’s safe to run. If it’s from the neck down, hit the couch. My symptoms included clogged ears, stuffy nose, and general sinus rebellion. Runners generally don’t rest well. I’m no exception.  The 15 miler on Sunday was at a snail’s pace. It was a miracle that I finished. My 4 milers on Monday and Tuesday were ok. Tonight, I had to say the dreaded words “guys, I have to walk.” My body not only said “no” it said “no and I hate you!” In my defense, it was 93 degrees with an “air quality alert for sensitive groups.” I’m sensitive. I cry at humane society commercials. That counts right?

Sugar's bod says "no" to her a lot. Poor kitty

I’m here to tell you:

1. Sometimes runs just don’t work out

2. Everyone will still think you’re a badass if you have to cut your run a little short

3. Maybe you need a rest (gasp, I know that’s a bad word)

4. Your bod will like you better if you don’t abuse it when you’re sick

5. Sometimes cutting yourself a break can recharge your emotional running battery

In reality, my running team probably didn’t mind the walking opportunity and heading back to the barn early. 6.6 miles happened tonight and not 8.  I rewarded the effort with Chipotle.